Why plain X?

More and more audio and video content need to be adapted: Transcripts, translations, subtitles and voice over. So far, these changes are done using a variety of software solutions. plain X integrates the four tasks into one platform. In tests so far users were able to significantly reduce the time needed per task.

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A breakthrough for audio and video workflows

A breakthrough for audio and video workflows

plain X is a breakthrough platform for video transcripts and translation. The tool is based on years of research and collaboration together with Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster. Producing content in 30+ languages means that DW editors know the process of adaptation from deep experience.

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Designed for productivity

plain X has many features designed to simplify and speed up the workflow. The software is designed based on frequent exchanges with professional video editors. Now you can use the software to adapt your multi-language content much faster.

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