Introducing plain X!
The Innovative AI-Powered 4-in-1 Platform

A revolutionary new platform for media localization.

Designed for high volume localization tasks


Create high-quality transcripts, speech-to-text/audio-to-text for either pure audio or video files. Select and use the best language platform.


Over 100 languages available. Select your preferred translation engine from the likes of Azure, Deepl, Google, etc.


Super-fast subtitle production. Easily customize appearance and positioning based on your design requirements.


Choose from multiple synthetic voices with a variety of dialects and accents. Mix and match voices to suit your content.


Import transcripts or easily create one using speech-to-text technology.


Select your preferred translation engine: Azure, Deepl, Google, etc. You choose!
Super-Fast subtitles production based on smart screen placement. Without complications.
Choose from multiple synthetic voices. Combine for interview and use voice editor.

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Why you should choose
plain X?

Localize your content to tap into new markets and grow your business like never before. Manage the entire localisation process from start to finish using a platform that is specifically designed to be fast and intuitive.

A breakthrough for media workflow

The tool is based on years of research and collaboration together with Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster.

Designed for speed and productivity

Designed with feedback from professional video editors, subtitlers and journalists. Delegate tasks to team members and ensure the quality of your output with our task review process.