plain X is an integrated platform combining a task-based workflow with access to powerful HLT (human language technologies).

The goal is to provide the best possible solution for large volume video adaptation by small and large teams.


To ensure high quality of every subsequent step the way is to upload and align existing transcripts for audio and video files. If no transcript is available plain X enables fast speech-to-text creation, with an easy to use the editor to weed out remaining mistakes.


Based on the transcript translations can be created in seconds. plain X provides the option to choose the best translation engine for specific language pairs. Current choices: MS Azure, Google Translate, DeepL, Speechmatics and Amberscript. The system can be extended in the future with access to more engines.

Add subtitles to your video in less than a minute – generation is almost instant. The software will place the content sentence-based. Align the subtitles with the video.
The platform can be integrated with your existing production cloud, enabling direct selection of audiovisual files in your system and pickup for adaptation.
The platform supports workflows for larger teams, with options to delegate or assign tasks. It is possible to assign reviewers for added quality levels.


The quality of synthetic voice over has reached a high level of quality. For short videos, the use of these voices is perfect – in terms of understandability, sound and pitch of the available voices.
Ellispe Shadow

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